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Southern California Association

During the Southern California District Administrator meeting at the 2020 West Region Round Table meetings in San Diego, California, the Southern California District Administrators voted to form an association and elected the first officers of the association. The elected officers are listed below.

  • Coordinator: Martin Hoover (CA 49)
  • Vice Coordinator: Clay Berry (CA 33)
  • Secretary: Allen Pryor (CA 43)
  • Treasurer: Jerry Curcio (CA 19)
  • South Section Representatives: Kim Mowry (CA 41) and Ezio Petrella (CA 68)
  • North Section Representatives: Jeff Ahrens (CA 51) and Bob McKittrick (CA 36)

Little League International Announces Expansion in 2021

In an effort to provide the Little League Baseball and Softball World Series experience to more participants, in 2021, Little League will expand the baseball World Series by increasing the total number of teams by four from 16 to 20 and the Little League Softball World Series will expand from 10 teams to 12 teams. This expansion means that the current regional structure for both tournaments will be modified.

The regions in the United States that will be affected the most for the baseball tournament will be the East and West Regions. Currently the West Region Headquarters in San Bernardino simultaneously hosts the the Northwest and West tournaments and sends the two tournament champions to compete in Williamsport. The restructuring of the regions will create a new region and tournament called the Mountain Region. The new Mountain Region will consist of Nevada, Utah, Wyoming, and Montana. The Northwest Region will see the state champions from Alaska, Washington, Oregon, and Idaho while the West Region will include Arizona, Hawai'i, Northern California, and Southern California. We should expect that all three tournaments will run simultaneously in San Bernardino and the three tournament winners will advance to Williamsport for the Little League Baseball World Series.

The Little League Softball Regions will be restructured in 2021 and they will mimic the current structure of the baseball program. This means that the West Region tournament will be split to support the creation of the Northwest Region consisting of Alaska, Idaho, Montana, Oregon, Washington, and Wyoming. The West Region will be reduced to Arizona, Hawai'i, Nevada, Northern California, Southern California, and Utah. The West Region will send the two tournament champions to Portland for the Little League Softball World Series.

For additional information including the full restructuring and expansion details, visit to read the announcement and view the future bracket structure.

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